We are pleased to inform you that NS6 FITNESS has expanded its health / wellness services by adding a nutritionist to the team.

Andreas Aresti, an approved nutritionist and personal trainer, offers nutrition advice at the gym since November 2016.

NS6 FITNESS  offers all participants a 50% discount on all nutrition services. Tel 99356809

Fat Measure & Flex Test

Depending on the goals of each client, the studio trainers prepare a personalized workout program. This program will soon be able to deliver the required results. Also, at regular intervals, tests are being done for measuring fat, fat mass, body mass, body mass index, metabolism level, as well as a sit and reach test, known as flexibility test, knowing that flexibility is a state in fitness.

VO2 Test

Once every 12 weeks, we conduct tests with heart rate monitor. The heart is the most important muscle in the body, which by rhythmic contraction and dilation sends blood to the lungs and other parts of the body. The number of heart rates per minute is the heart rate. Your heart rate increases during activity and is a reliable indicator of your physical condition and exercise level. Therefore, controlling heart rate during exercise is a good way to listen to your body and assess the needs of your body.

Sit & Reach Test

Both the Sit Test and Reach Test are a measurement that evaluate flexibility and assess the flexibility of the back femoral muscles and waist. This assessment is important because when this area is particularly stiff, it can cause lordosis, pain in the middle and front flexion of the pelvis. This test was first used by Wells and Dillon (1952) and since then it has been used as a general test for assessing flexibility.

The purpose of this test is to measure flexibility, which is important to avoid injuries and to be able to execute various sports movements more freely.

Cellulite Test & Water Retention Test

Our scientific approach with products and services in the field of health, exercise and nutrition makes its presence once again in our gym.

As of 2010, another diagnostic system, the CELLULITE ANALYZER, is at your disposal to achieve more comprehensive and scientifically proven measurements. Everything you need to know about cellulite in minutes.

This specific analyzer has been designed in Italy to provide objective results for cellulite and water retention by detecting changes in skin temperature. It identifies 5 stages of cellulite and 4 of water retention. Cellulite analysis reports / measurements are done at the same time as the body fat percentage (BFP) measurements.


Technology has developed so much that it even got into sports shoes ... And what do we mean?

ADIDAS released a new idea/technology some time ago, and we at the NS6 FITNESS, as dedicated followers of the technology, we follow!

miCoach is a chip that we put before training on the sports shoe. This chip, during the time you train, together with your trainer, collects various measurements. Measurements such as speed, maximum speed, distances you have traveled, and the distances you have traveled at maximum speed. It also records the calories you consume in your workout and heart rate at any time in the 30 minutes of training.

Once you have finished the training, our Studio trainers place the chip on the computer and this automatically shows through a program all these measurements by category. The results of your measurements will be given to you for your own record.

Our goal is for every customer to have the opportunity to know his performance in detail. So, we record the strengths and weaknesses of each one of you, so you can improve and achieve your goals more effectively. miCoach is a safe way to correct and better adapt to your training program.


Every year, Cyprus records 600-700 cardiac arrests outside hospitals, with a survival rate of 5% -8% (data from the cardiology association). As we all know, cardiac arrest is the ultimate result of sudden death syndrome and occurs in a frequency of 1 in 1,000 people.

Taking the above information into consideration, the NS6 FITNESS team has been trained to use an Automated External Defibrillator, which has been recently installed in the gym. This increases the chances of saving people who may suffer a heart attack, where there is no possibility of early medical attention.

In the event of a heart attack, if the patient does not receive help immediately, the result could be fatal. In the case of a cardiac arrest, every minute that passes without treatment with a defibrillation (that is, restoring a heart rate to the correct frequency), this minute corresponds to a reduction in the survival rate. For example:
in 5 minutes -> survival rate of 50%
in 7 minutes -> survival rate of 30%
in 9 minutes -> survival rate of 10%

It is evident that, the sooner the defibrillation is applied, the more positive is the outcome of the incident.

The Automated External Defibrillator is a device that delivers electrical current to a victim with a cardiac arrest. It analyzes the heart rate, and if it diagnoses a problem that needs defibrillation it then goes on to defibrillation to restore the heart rate to the correct frequency.

In Europe, defibrillators have been placed in airports, public buildings, town halls, gyms, schools, trains, ships, airplanes, etc.

In addition, we can say that by spending a little of our time we can help our fellowman and probably save his life, often with only a few moves and actions. This is our purpose!