Award-winning performance

Power plate has been awarded many times by FIBO, the largest fitness exhibition, as the fitness equipment of the year. It is certified by the German Wellness Association. This year, in Switzerland, Power plate won the best anti-aging machine award.

Fast exercise

With the power plate you can train 100% of all muscle tissue in all muscle groups! Its use increases your strength and stamina.

Specific area fat burning

Power plate helps improve fat burning and reduce fat tissue through increased metabolism. With perfusion massage, its action reaches the problematic zones and reduces them.

High degree of hematopoiesis

With the power plate the blood circulates up to 50 times per second to the smallest blood vessels, thus transferring the stuff to be burned and succeeds in eliminating toxins and faster regeneration of tissues.

Increase muscular strength / lineage

During a power plate program, all muscle groups are activated and thus muscle strength and tone are increased.

Reduce cellulite / skin care

Power plate massage dissolves the build-up, breaks down the fat cells and thus dissolves cellulite, improving the appearance of the skin.

Improving physical fitness

Improving the muscular system greatly, all human body transport systems and heart function are activated.

Improve elasticity

Increased circulation and rising temperature of your muscles and tendons, increase elasticity and relaxation. Physical balance of the body is restored, and stress is reduced.

Increased bone density

Power plate activates the growth of the bone tissue. Scientific research has shown that bone mineral density is increased. The combination of stronger muscles and an improved sense of balance, contributes positively to the fight against osteoporosis and reduces the risk of falls, especially of the elderly.

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