Krankcycle! A state-of-the-art exercise which through the power of circular hand movement promises to astound you with the results you will have on your body and your physical condition!

Krankcycle looks like an Upper Body Ergometer-UBE in which training is achieved by hand pedaling (various techniques). The basic characteristics of the exercises are the increased performance whether you are sitting or not. The circular movement of the hands helps maximize the strength of the upper torso as well as the aerobic capacity! Founder of the above is Johnny G, (Goldberg) a veteran athlete who has also created the spin bike.

Kranking has now become part of the training of the general population, and especially athletes, in various countries around the world and especially in the US.

The Study: To achieve the average consumption of calories and intensity from a regular Krankcycle workout, a very well-designed study was conducted at Wisconsin University. 12 volunteers, women and men of various ages who have been doing Kranking for the first time took part in the study.

The Results: Researchers found that the people that took park in the study had consumed 9-13.1 calories for each exercise minute (9-13.1 kcal per min) and had a heart rate of 154 pulses of average for each minute (154 heartbeats per minute). The exercise was described as strong to very strong.

The bottom line: According to the research, Kranking is a very intensive and effective workout that can "build" and form, in short term, the upper torso (chest, back, arms, shoulders, abdomen) as well and develop aerobic capacity helping fight weight gain and fat! A very good fitness tool used by athletes, paraplegics and even people who have temporary leg problems and would like to do aerobic workout without burdening the legs!

Excellent news! A good combination of upper torso exersise and aerobic training without bike or running!!! Additionally, Kranking is also very effective for people who have severe leg problems either permanently or temporarily!!

'' Everything that happens in the world of fitness, happens in our studio ''

Nicolas. S