NS6 FITNESS has been a great success since 2006, offering modern and personal exercise methods. Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and experienced staff, it offers unique fitness experiences.

We are delighted to announce that NS6 FITNESS extends its Fitness and Health / Wellness services by integrating group programs into the new venue next to the existing Gym.

Group programs (4-8 people) will be run by NS6 FITNESS trainers and will last for 45 minutes. Training sessions will be on a standard basis as well as in personal training. In case a client wishes to participate in group programs it is recommended to select a group program in exchange for one of the existing training sessions. Group programs will take place in the morning and afternoon, through personal contact and the guidance of trainers, to meet the highest and most demanding exercise and training goals.

To select a workout program, please contact Nicolas 99553421.

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