At NS6 FITNESS, we never feel at ease! We are constantly trying to keep up with the changes in the field and offer you the most modern solutions there are in the world of fitness, for the best and most efficient exercises. NS6 FITNESS is staffed by experienced fitness trainers in various workouts, such as power plate, weights and band training, fit box, Spin bikes and pilates.

Our opening hours are 6.30-21.00 daily and 7.00-17.00 on Saturdays. Depending on the goals of each client, our studio trainers prepare a personalized workout program which in a short term will be able to deliver the required results we have targeted. Also, at regular intervals, fat, fat mass, body mass, body mass index, metabolism level, as well as sit and reach tests are performed, knowing that flexibility is a fitness property.

Also, once every 10 weeks there are tests with the use of a cardiac pacemaker. The heart is the most important muscle in the body, which by rhythmic contraction and dilation sends blood to the lungs and other parts of the body. The number of heart beats per minute is heart rate. The heart rate increases during activity and is a reliable indicator of the physical and exercise level of a person. Therefore, controlling heart rate during exercise is a good way to listen to your body and the needs of your body.



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